Birthday Blast

Mollie had a great time at Isabella's birthday party today! It was at one of those jumping places (indoor inflatable playground) and Mollie just kept jumping and jumping. It was a great group of kids-- she got to spend plenty of time with Isabella, but also enjoyed playing with other kids (including Jonathan, who helped her brave the big, steep slide). We stayed over 3 hours and Mollie was pretty worn out, but it was great to see her having so much fun and being so active!

We travelled light (no camera) so, no pictures, just good memories. I'm glad she got this in before starting steroids this week. Tuesday, she has her spinal chemo, IV chemo, and begins the 5-days of steroids.

Our friend Gage is still in the hospital. Last night I brought him a goody bag from Mollie and visited with his mama for a little while. So, despite our awful ER visit last week, I'm thankful they let us go home and that Mollie didn't get admitted. We hope Gage gets to go home tomorrow!

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  1. how fun! our miss I loves those places, too!


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