Post Steroids

Mollie is doing great. We cleaned her bedroom this morning and she spent the rest of the day (~8 hours) playing around the corner at Isabella's house! Yesterday morning the lingering effects of the steroids were causing some nausea and irritability. Her stomach started bothering her at Mass, but it was nothing that a few chocolate eggs couldn't fix! So we made it to German lessons and then took it easy the rest of the afternoon.

We were having trouble getting Zofran because our insurance limits us to a certain number of pills per month and we had used them all up. Fortunately, we know some creative people and got a prescription for a different dosage (thanks Amy G., Beth, and Kelley). Zofran seems to be the one thing that really helps Mollie with the nausea and stomach pain.


  1. Is Mollie using Prevacid? Gage uses it the week he's on steroids and a few days after. I thought we were told that the steroids give a heartburn feeling. We've only used Zofran while he was getting the Arc-A shots at home.

  2. Nicole,

    Mollie uses Zantac that week, but we're going to ask about prilosec/prevacid. She definitely complains more of nausea though and the zantac doesn't seem to help with that.

  3. What's the nausea from? I thought they weren't suppose to get sick from the chemo.

  4. Beth said most kids don't get sick, but I've noticed it's worse on MTX days and the days she gets the larger dose (75 mg) of 6 MP. I'm thinking it's the drugs or, since it occurs mainly in the morning, low blood sugar. I've read that 6 MP can affect blood sugar and since we give it at night and she feels nausea in the morning... it makes sense. Her blood chemistry has been normal though, according to Beth. It's not every day, but often enough that I don't want to be without zofran!!

  5. Someone should have the brilliant insurance rep who limits your pills to come and ...

    Different dosage is a great idea! How about the liquid as well?



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