The Weekend and Clinic Update

Here's a clip of Mollie with Bill West from 102.3 The Bull at the radiothon on Friday morning:

(They spelled her name wrong... It was radio, what can I say?)

We had a terrific weekend. Friday night we went to a special holiday story-time at the library. We ran into a few friends we hadn't seen for a while and the girls had fun listening to the stories of Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman, singing silly songs, and making snowmen.

After the radiothon on Friday, Ms. Kym gave us tickets to see Disney on Ice! So, we decided to take Michelle and Isabella with us on Saturday night to see Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey. Peter Pan was the best- they had a giant crocodile, a big pirate ship, and the Darling children and Peter actually "flew" on harnesses. The girls had a blast and did NOT want to go home.

Sunday was low-key. I baked cookies with Mollie and Isabella in the afternoon, and Mollie played at Bella's house afterwards.

Mollie got her 5th of 8 shots in clinic today. Her counts are down: ANC < class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4">RBC transfusion this week, and probably again next week. She has been complaining of headaches, a common symptom of anemia, so hopefully a transfusion will make her feel better.

This is a good time to encourage everyone to donate blood at your local hospital or blood bank. Blood supplies tend to run low in the winter because storms keep people off the roads and the flu reduces the donor pool. Also, please consider donating platelets instead of whole blood. Platelets can only be stored for 5 days after donation, so shortages are common. You can only donate whole blood 6 times per year, but you can donate platelets 24 times!

In case anyone caught the spelling error in the post title-- I DO spell-check, it just doesn't do the title!!

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