Mollie's ANC = 0

That's right. Zero. But, her hemoglobin is actually up a little. Platelets are low, but no transfusion needed yet. The NP thinks she'll need one on Tuesday.

We went to clinic this morning for a finger stick (CBC) to see if Mollie needed a transfusion. I mentioned to the nurse's aide that we were going to go back home and wait for the results and come back for the Ara-C shot and transfusion if it was needed. Nurse Pam overheard me from the other room; she quietly asked if it would be okay if she did a venipuncture on Mollie instead of a finger stick so that if Mollie DID need a transfusion, they would have enough blood to type and cross match to select the correct donor blood and we wouldn't have to come back for yet another stick. Hurray Pam! She really is awesome!

Since Mollie didn't need the transfusion yet, we hung out at home and just went back to clinic this afternoon for her shot. Just one left!!

Since her ANC is so low, we'll be hanging really close to home all weekend. We're aiming to put up our tree on Saturday.

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