Half-way through

Well, the shot today went about the same. Mollie said it is the medicine that hurts, not the needle (confirming what everyone has told me). But, she got through it! We also saw the NP because this morning Mollie's legs started to hurt and she is having a little difficulty walking. She told the NP, "I can't walk very well; I can only waddle or limp. I just can't live like this anymore." This prompted a whole discussion about how Mollie is like an adult trapped in the body of a cute little girl! Honestly, I think it's just her vocabulary and cadence, but sometimes she really does sound mature.

Anyway, the walking issue is probably a temporary side effect of the ARA-C-. This drug can cause flu-like symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, and low-grade fevers.

Aside from the shot, she had a nice day. We went to the radiothon in the morning where she was interviewed by two radio stations, and NBC-Augusta news. She enjoyed being the center of attention, but wondered why there were no other kids there! And we're headed to the library for a holiday after-hours tonight.


  1. Having an extensive vocabulary is taken to be a sign of maturity; especially when your child's normal patterns are greater than most adults! :-)

    Did the radio stations or TV post anything to their websites? It would be fun to take a look/listen.

  2. huge hugs to you all. that photo of her is so cute. she looks so like you, S! although...M, too.


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