Celebrity Status

As you can tell from the picture, Mollie is bald. We put a unicorn tattoo on her head and she likes it so much, she wants to go out often without a hat. This means that people really notice her. She's my little celebrity. People often come up and talk to her, ask where she's being treated, and tell their cancer stories.

In the market the other day, a woman came up and greeted Mollie. We started chatting and it turned out that it was her son's 31st birthday that day. He had leukemia (ALL) when he was 4 years old! Mollie doesn't care too much, but I love hearing those kinds of stories!

We are headed back to clinic today for the last Ara-C shot! Today is #39 out of 42 days of delayed intensification. Again, we are told to expect her counts to really crash in the next week or so. Her last dose of chemo for this phase will be Monday night. Then it is "watch and wait." They will keep running CBCs to check her counts. Since she will be off chemo, her bone marrow should start recovering and her ANC should come back up. When her ANC >750 and platelets >75, 000, she will start maintennance (LTM). She will be on LTM for about 2 years.

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  1. i think lala will be envious of being able to tattoo her head. :) now i can say i know a celebrity!


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