Shot #3

First, a picture, as promised:

The ARA-C shot today was even harder than yesterday. Mollie took one look at nurse Kate and started running! I caught her half-way down the hall.

She cried during the shot and said, "Oh! My poor, poor leg!" But, she got over it pretty quickly. We can't figure out why the shot didn't hurt on Tuesday. Kate is going to try a slightly different technique tomorrow.

The rest of the day was fine. Mollie was in a good mood; we went grocery shopping after leaving the clinic and she didn't feel up to doing much when we got home. I can always tell when she's not feeling great because she wants to watch T.V. After dinner and bathtime, Mollie played by herself (well, she had her babydolls) in her room. She seemed to perk up quite a bit- just in time for lights out!


  1. Mollie I love your gloves. Do they have people on them?

    Hope you have a great day!


  2. Cute gloves! I hope it goes better tomorrow.

  3. Poor leggies! I know your Momma would love to take the pain away. Perhaps you could have a little Tyenol before the shots to take the aftereffects off? We've also found that drawing faces on the circular bandaids helps to remove the initial tears. Big smooches from Alyson.


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