Shot #2 of 8

Today's AraC shot was a little more difficult than yesterday. Mollie did NOT want me to give her the shot at home- she wanted Pam or Kate (the onc nurses) to do it. They agreed and since we live just 10 min. from the clinic, we decided it was fine to bring her in for her shots. She is the one going through all the treatment, so we try to give her as much choice in it as possible.

Well, we forgot to put Emla (lidocaine) cream on until we got to the clinic so it didn't have much time to get absorbed into her skin. And apparently the shot hurt, because she really screamed. Five minutes later, she was feeling ready to walk to Amy's office to get a Christmas Barbie. (Okay, I don't like despise Barbie, but Mollie was really excited).

At home, Mollie was in a great mood again! We stamped, painted pictures, read library books, and just played around.

Tomorrow, it's back for another shot (unless she'll let me give it to her at home). And grocery shopping. Lucy is eating us out of house and home!


  1. That's great that you guys can just run to the clinic to have the shots given. I was told that the medicine burns so elma cream really doesn't help. Good luck with the shots, 2 down--6 more to go.

    What's up with Lucy?

    How did the radiothon go?


  2. I have a strong dislike of Barbie as well. I didn't have any as a kid but even when my friends wanted to play with them, I was like "ewwww". I guess my Mom did a great job of brainwashing. :-)


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