Food = Love

Photo by Alli Jiang on Flickr

Usually, I don't mind cooking. But there are days, clinic days and steroid days, when I often don't have the time or energy. When Mollie is taking decadron, I find myself making 15-20 little "meals" for her during the day. She will often beg for something only to be totally disgusted by it when it is put on a plate in front of her. By dinner time, I really don't feel like making yet another meal!

So... thank you to everyone who has given us food. We devoured homemade chocolate chip cookies from Richmond, CA during one of Mollie's hospital stays. We loved the huge package of Peet's coffee and tea. We have also received some Trader Joe's Indian food (just heat and serve!) and gift certificates to Very Vera's (yum, yum). And Mollie's grandmothers made food and put it in the freezer when they were here visitng.

Best of all, two of our neighbors, Michelle and Mara (and their families) have been making us delicious homemade food for clinic days. Lasagna, noodles with peanut sauce, chicken soup, and more. Often complete with wine, salad, dessert. It is so wonderful to end the day with a nutritious meal when you are too exhausted to cook.

We are lucky to be blessed with such caring friends and family.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I enjoyed your words of encourgement for Nick Shannon. We are just beginning our journey and it helps us to hear from others who understand what we are going through. God bless to Mollie. We will keep checking on her.
    Karen Shannon (nicholasshannonrocks@blogspot.com


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