Clinic Update

Good thing school is out because someone is too cool!
Yesterday was a fun-filled first official summer vacation day- we spent the morning playing at the splashpad with Ryan (Lucy's *boyfriend*) and Carter.  And I left the camera in the car.  Darn!  Then, Matt took the kids fishing with a coworker and his kids.  They had a blast, caught lots of fish, and got home WAY after bed time!

So, I was worried they were all going to be in a bad mood on clinic day.  Surprisingly, they were well-behaved, and the clinic visit was really quick.  We got the ball rolling for the neuropsych evaluation (hopefully to be conducted sometime in July) and, best of all, great counts!

WBC 10.9
Hgb 13
Plt 181
ANC 7700

What a great way to kick off a week that includes our 10th wedding anniversary, Mollie's 3 year cancer survivor anniversary, Father's Day, and our first international family vacation!  We sure know how to pack it in, don't we?


  1. "Like!" I want to know more about this boyfriend of Lu's... :)

  2. You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too www.claire-fernandez.blogspot.com... Thanks

  3. Mollie - you look so grown up! I can't believe you're going to be a 2nd grader already... Mrs. Swenson


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