Sunscreen Update

I mentioned issues with sunscreen in my last post.  Obviously, avoiding the sun is impossible since we live in North Carolina.  Finding a sunscreen that works is important.  In my research, I came across the Environmental Working Group's Sunscreen Guide - a great website that assigns a "hazard score" to sunscreens based on their UV protection and health concerns.  They rank each of the specific ingredients as well, AND tell you how much data there are to support the rankings.

I looked up the two sunscreens we had used on Mollie- one contained octobenzone and the other contained retinyl palmitate (yes! vitamin A and it was not listed in the active ingredients of the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin sunscreen).  So, armed with this new info, I purchased two new sunscreens and we have success!  They don't rub in as well as the others, because they contain zinc oxide, but we will take that over an allergic reaction or sunburn any day!

This is Mollie's last week of first grade (how did THAT happen?).  She's looking forward to some great adventures this summer, but we will kick things off with a clinic appointment next week.  Just writing that reminds me that I need to ask Dr. J about when she should do the neuropsychiatric assessment. 


  1. It is great to read your updates, I am glad all things are going well and I wish you guys a SUPER AWESOME GREAT Summer!!!

    Thank you for sharing that site! I had no idea. I have found Ocean Potion to be the only lotion Iza does not have a crazy reaction to but looking at it is does not seem to be the best option...

    Another thing have you guys done a neuropsych test already while on treatment?

  2. I could have sworn you sent me to EWG's site some years ago, no? They have tons of info about all sorts of stuff. Their sunscreen list is great. What did you have success with?

  3. Nicola- so far we have used the Johnson and Johnson baby daily face and body lotion as well as the CVS brand baby sunblock stick (it's actually made by neutrogena). I am going to keep my eyes open while we are in Norway... I have heard Europe has much better sunscreen than we do.

    Kat- No, we didn't do the neuropsych test while she was on treatment (something about how the chemo needs to be out of her system for quite some time in order to get a good baseline). AND... are you on facebook? We should connect.


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