3 years ago today...

Mollie was diagnosed with leukemia.  What started out as a doctor visit for a fever and malaise turned in to every parent's worst fear.

I remember the events of the previous day- the visit to Dr. B and her sending us to the ER at Children's Medical Center. Waiting for endless hours in a triage room, with Lucy in one of those big metal cribs they have in the hospital and Mollie scared to use the funky toilet, feeling annoyed but increasingly worried.  They weren't really doing anything but giving her IV fluids, tylenol, and pulling some labs.  Child life was wonderful!  I can't remember who it was... maybe Katie or Jamie?  They brought in princess movies, games, and a tiara and wand.  I had to go teach a class that night. By the time I returned to the hospital, Mollie had been admitted and transferred to a room on the 5th floor, where she spent the night.

Much of what happened next is a blur, but she did have a bone marrow biopsy at some point during the day.  What I remember most vividly is Dr. Vega coming in to the room and saying with his Spanish accent, "She has leukemia."  I can still hear every inflection in his voice, like a slow motion replay. 

In some ways it seems like such a long time ago, but at the same time, just thinking about it makes my heart race and my blood pressure rise.  That evening, Matt and I remarked that we were fortunate that we had a diagnosis, and we to focus our energy on healing Mollie, not dwelling on unanswerable questions and sadness.


Happy Day, Mollie!  You are one tough cookie!


  1. A tough cookie... BUT also a real sweetheart! Mollie, you rock. What a great, strong family.

  2. Mollie - You are my hero and I love you so very much.

  3. You made me cry again. I am so removed from how this has impacted your lives, yet from a distance, you all have been a barometer for me. "If Mollie/Sarah/Matt can...surely I can too."
    You are one incredibly strong, amazing family.


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