Oh What a Day!

Mollie had a tough day today. The steroids have really hit her hard and she is extremely emotional. She also has a very loose tooth, with the adult tooth already coming in behind it, that is driving her crazy. I picked her up from school early and she's been weepy and emotional ever since.

Tomorrow I will to try to get an appointment with the dentist to get that tooth pulled (it's really, really loose, but she won't tug it out) and I'll keep her home from school. Grandma Janet is leaving tomorrow so that will probably make Mollie even more emotional. If it works out, I'll try to take Mollie out for a treat while Lucy is at preschool.

For those interested: still no baby.


  1. Poor Mollie and her tooth. I wouldn't want to pull it out myself either.

  2. poor girl and poor mamma!
    no baby? i have an excuse for not having sent his/her present, then!

  3. Hang in there. Nick had the same thing happen yesterday to. We ended up picking him up from school and he was just happy to be home. Hopefully the week will go better Mollie. Take care Karen


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