I hate steroids!

Today was another rough day. Mollie is just so emotional and indecisive. She gets really, really worked up over little things and then can't calm down. Matt and I have to try really hard to keep our patience because when we start to lose it, things spiral downward quickly. I can't wait for this round of steroids to be over!!

The good part of the day was going to the dentist- imagine that! When I called to get an appointment to get Mollie's tooth pulled they also had a hygiene opening so she got her teeth cleaned and checked out. She didn't want to get the tooth pulled though, until the hygienist offered to give her a dollar! Mollie is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. She will also get a visit from the chemo/steroid fairy and possibly the baby brother/sister fairy. I hope that last fairy will wait another day or two. Grandma Janet left today (and we WILL miss her) and my parents don't arrive until Friday.

I don't think she can handle school this week, so we'll probably keep her out tomorrow and Friday too. The baby update is that I will be induced on Saturday if the little guy doesn't show up before then. Friday sounds like the perfect time for a baby...


  1. We are so in Awe of You, Matt , Mollie and Lucy- you are all an inspiration. Looking forward to hearing, and meeting, the new member of the King family.
    Love & Hugs,
    Phil & Holly

  2. Friday, Friday! Tell Mollie that I am impressed with her dentist bravery. She seems far more courageous than I am!

  3. sarah, call me if you want to talk about induction.
    poor mollie.
    huge hugs and i am sending every ounce of labor juju your way.

  4. Maybe some calm time at home will do it, I hope so - how is your activity stash holding up?

    I'm holding my breath until Friday for you!

  5. Mimi and Mollie are steroid buddies! I feel like along with steroids parents should get a script for something also ;)

    I am amazed you doing this while preggo AND with another little one. HUGS! Best of luck.

  6. Hey, are you having a boy?!?! Thinking of you!!

  7. Lauren- we still don't know the sex of the baby.

    Nicola- I'll call you today

    Rhian- activity stash is good (coming off Christmas and everything).

    Everyone else- thanks for the good wishes!


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