Back to School

Well, the holidays are over and Mollie heads back to school tomorrow! We are still awaiting the newest member of our family and the wait is starting to get to us!! Our Christmas decorations are still up - I usually take them down Jan. 6 - so it still feels a little festive around here.

This week also brings the next round of chemo for Mollie and another pulse of steroids. Not good timing for the baby's arrival, but if it happens, it happens. I was really hoping that the baby would be born while Mollie was still on vacation (and she was too), but I know know she's really looking forward to seeing her friends and teachers.

Mollie has been working on a new craft- needlepoint. Matt's mom is here working on her own needlepoint project and Mollie has been very interested, so Janet bought her a small needlepoint kit the other day and Mollie has been making a lot of progress. She has also really progressed with reading, especially sounding out words. She is very interested in reading some of the books she got for Christmas (especially "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish") so we're working on that a little every day.

Update: Well, it looks like Mollie actually doesn't have school today (although the holiday was crossed out in the Board of Education Calendar), so she gets one more day off. Unfortunately for her, we rescheduled her clinic appointment for today; since we don't know when this baby is going to come, we figured it's better to just get the chemo now.


  1. So were Mollie and Lucy late too? Hope s/he comes along soon! Good luck tomorrow Mollie!

  2. that is so neat about mollie and needlepoint. was there something specific that made you guys think this babe was coming before his/her due date? both girls were early, weren't they? and your medical problems subsided, i hope?
    have fun tomorrow, mollie. lala goes back too and i am going to miss her!

  3. Mollie was 3 weeks early and Lucy was one week early.

    I've been having lots and lots of contractions, 3 cm dilated (went from 1 to 3 cm when I was in the hospital in mid-December), and this baby is already estimated at 8 lbs... so we definitely thought early.

    I've heard from everyone that #3 is always unpredictable... seems like it's true! I think the doc will probably want to induce this week based on the size of the baby :(

  4. Ish! Both my brothers were late, and me and my sister were early.....maybe it's a boy!

  5. Needlepointing and reading? She's so domestic at only 5-- how cool!

  6. oh, Mollie is a little Martha! Seriously what a cutie. I made princess cookies on Sunday with Aimee's little girl. I wished I could bring some over. Mollie would have liked the pink crown, horses, carriage and princess. oh yes and glass slipper.

    thinking good baby thoughts for you!


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