This Week

The last 2 days have been a major challenge. There's the emotional aspect of seeing my child in pain and knowing that she can't enjoy some fun summer activities. And then there is the physical exhaustion. The 2.5 year old who doesn't understand why she can't walk, doesn't feel good, and is completely fickle is really something to contend with (she: I want the pink one, no the green one, no the pink one. me: OK, here. she: NO! THE GREEN ONE! I SAID!!!). Add an exclusively nursing 5 month old and a 5 year old on summer break, and it is a nightmare. Matt had to be in Charlotte today, so I was by myself. Michelle sent her babysitter over for a few hours and that was a tremendous relief (thank you, Michelle).

Mollie has been going to day camp this week at her old preschool/child care. This is both a blessing and a curse. It is nice to have one less child in the house for part of the day, but then I don't have her help in keeping Lucy occupied. Mollie is loving day camp- she was very excited to see some of her old buddies from pre-K, especially Colby Grace!

The rest of this week month summer is chock-full of milestones and events. Tomorrow, Lucy goes to ortho clinic (my friend Carrie is going to help me with the logistics since Matt will still be in CLT) and it is our 9th wedding anniversary! Thursday is the 2-year anniversary of Mollie's diagnosis!! Then, on the weekend Uncle Sam is coming for a visit, we will celebrate Father's Day, and Matt's dad (Grandpa Charlie) is flying out to stay with us for a few weeks. Mollie gets her monthly chemo next Thursday and then we will start getting her ready for Camp Rainbow! She leaves July 5. Our move is on hold until we have a better idea of Lucy's treatment plan, but we'll fit that in some time this summer!

That reminds me, if anyone wants to send her a letter or package while she is at camp, please e mail me for the address. Mail should be sent the week prior to camp to make sure she gets it while she is there. Last year she loved all the cool mail she got!

I am exhausted just typing this...


  1. Dear Sarah,
    Exhausted as you should be!! Give yourself a mental break.
    Happy anniversary to you and Matt.

  2. Ok, I had to delete my comment. Better saved for email.
    Huge hugs. Those anniversaries are biggies. 9 years already?
    Thinking of you.

  3. Thanks for filling us in! I can't believe you took the time to write. Good luck with Lucy's appointment tomorrow--I think you'll feel "better" once you know more fully what her situation is. Hugs, good wishes and congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. What kind of excitement is good to mail her at Camp Rainbow-- letters? Crafts? Stickers!?!!

    Happy, happy anniversary!
    Happy anniversary of the diagnosis, which isn't usually a happy thing, but the progress since then certainly is :)

    And man, oh man, your friends in Augusta are wonderful people. Babysitter AND logistics help? Seriously-- I wish I could write them thank you notes for you (but that would probably be a little random ;)!!!

  5. Hang in there.

    When does she go to camp? I think my daughter (who is the same age) would love to send something in the mail.

    Do you want to e-mail me the address?

    triciaorchard at gmail dot com

    Thinking of you,

  6. Well Colby Grace has been super excited to have Mollie around for some summer fun! Mollie is a sweetie and Colby Grace can't say enough good stuff about her! I hope she has been having a good time at summer camp! We'll miss you guys next summer!


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