Quick Update

Lucy got her cast on today... and she will be able to walk on it (hence the cute little shoe). And we go back in 3 weeks for an X-ray to see how it is healing.

Oh, and Mollie has developed a cough so I am praying that doesn't turn into anything!!


  1. Hooray for a walking cast! If she's anything like our little ball of fire two year old, it won't slow her down much.

  2. Now Sarah, however did Lucy manage to color co-ordinate her red dress and a red cast?? Three cheers for fashion, along with a walking cast. I hope Mollie's cough is just a blip. Congratulations on her 2nd anniversary! I know what an emotional achievement that is. You are amazing!

  3. Sigh....are you at least liking your Sienna?

  4. Red is a good color for Lucy--strong, energetic, and lots of positive spirit.

  5. Phew for being able to walk on the pretty red cast! Big hugs over there, like everything, this too shall pass, and she'll be zooming around at her normal pace soon.


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