Our dryer.
Lucy's leg.
My spirit.

Well, not really on the spirit part, but it does break my heart to see my bold, energetic little 2 year old laid up in horrible pain.

Eating her 'popicle' after getting her temporary cast.

Our weekend started off on Saturday with the discovery that our dryer was spinning, but not heating. That led to some DIY attempts at dryer repair, to no avail. Man, was I peeved about that. The dryer is less than 2 years old and was a replacement for a dryer that died before it was 2 years old. Talk about bad luck!! The repairman is coming tomorrow....

We salvaged the day with a trip to the lake for some afternoon cooling off. Mollie, Lucy, and Bella had a blast playing in the sand. I was impressed that they spent a long time building sandcastles with some little boys who spoke only Spanish. I think 'play' might be a universal language. We topped off the evening with pizza and a sleepover.

This morning, Bella's mom came to pick her up and invited Mollie and Lucy over to play for a while. While they were jumping on the trampoline, Lucy tried to spin around and started crying when she landed. She wouldn't calm down and we could tell she was really in pain. Matt thought she should go to the ER (good call, Matt. I would have waited until the urgent care clinic opened and taken her there), so we headed down to MCG. As it turns out, she fractured her tibia. She is so tough! She cried and was clingy in the ER, but not the kind of cries that I would have expected with a broken leg. It was interesting how honest she was with the doctors and nurses: she screamed and cried when they touched either leg, but she was very clear about which one hurt and which did not. She is in a temporary cast until we can go to the orthopedic clinic on Weds. I should have more details then, but it looks like she will probably be immobile for the next 3-4 weeks. I will certainly have some questions to ask in regards to "why" because leukemia is [always] on my mind.

It is so awful to see Lucy in pain and I am heartbroken that she has to go through this! She already has it tough with an older sister with leukemia and an infant brother, now she has to deal with this. At least she's getting plenty of love and attention. Mollie has been really great, playing with her and keeping her occupied all afternoon. I am going to be winging it the next few weeks. This puts the brakes on potty training, the move, swimming & summer activities, at least for the near term.

Luby Doo, we love you! And we hope you start feeling better soon!


  1. Oh dear! What news! I am just checking in after a week's absence--and oh...! The worst, the saddest is reading about your spirit. Oh Sarah, we are sending you hugs and all good wishes from here--there are enough for the kids, but take a big heap for yourself--you do need and deserve them.

  2. Seriously, Sarah? When you were praying for a break, I do NOT think this is what you were talking about! I am sending some fast healing thoughts Lucy's way I think they can tag along with the one's for Mollie. (side note we know a 3 yr old that broke his leg on a slide a month ago and although he is still in a cast he is hopping around pretty good at this point. Some kids don't let much stop them- I am guessing Lucy is one of those kids)- liz

  3. Geez, Louise! I can't believe this! Poop! Poop! Poop!
    I am so sorry, Sarah!
    We love all of you so much.
    Deep breaths, and lots of "time-outs" for both you AND Matt. You guys are my heroes. Seriously.

  4. Crap, Sarah. You and Matt are two of the strongest individuals/couples/parents I know. I imagine you spend so much time and energy keeping Mollie healthy that is just seems wrong to have another child sick or injured. Poor Lucy. What a tough little cutie.
    Hugs to her.

  5. poor kiddo, that's so sad to hear! I hope she's not in too much pain. We had a similar problem here Friday, only arm and not leg.

  6. I just want to scream for you! So sorry Sarah. Huge Gigantic Hugs for all of you and I hope she is up on her feet soon!

  7. Poor Lucy! Hope the orthopedic visit goes well and the pain is down by now - big hugs to all you guys!

  8. Both are such sweet photos :) Definitely thinking of you and all you somehow manage to handle!


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