Quick Update

Mollie's ANC is was 2700. Good for fighting infections, but higher than the target ANC (~1500). If it is still above 1500 at the next clinic visit, they will increase her chemo dose for her next (and last) 84-day cycle.

Mollie is giving a presentation at school tomorrow on "Coins from foreign countries." She's been practicing for a few days. I like that they are already working on public speaking skills in kindergarten and I hope she doesn't get too nervous.

Liam, Lucy and I goofing around with the webcam today


  1. Wish I'd have known about the coins, I could have sent a few Loonies, etc. Mollie, I am glad you are doing well. Take good care of Liam & Lucy (they adore you).

  2. Yes I had plenty of Korean Won that could've been added as well. You'd be amazed (or maybe you wouldn't) at how people should be able to give presentations by a certain age/experience level, but can't. I'm sure Mollie'll be a pro!

  3. Thanks for the coin offers! We had to really pare it down as it was. She said it went fine and she wasn't too nervous. That's pretty good for kindergarten :)

  4. Cute cute photo. How is it going? With Matt's massive work commute/schedule, with 3, with prepping for a move? Thinking of you.


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