Unplanned Clinic Visit

Mollie woke up not feeling well this morning, but no fever. She has had a cough for a little over a week and it is sounding "wetter." We went in to clinic and, as a precaution, they took a chest X-ray. According to Beth (the NP), her lungs look a little fuzzy, but there are no signs of any serious infection. Just to be on the safe side, they are giving her antibiotics for a week and we will bring her back in if things don't clear up. Her counts are fine (no ANC yet, but her WBC is 3300).

It was a long clinic visit because we went in later than usual; this left the docs waiting for labs and results at lunchtime (when, of course, everyone is on break). Since we were stuck there, we ate at McDonalds (it's in the Childrens Medical Center so we just popped down there after the X-ray). Do I think it's crazy that there is a McDonalds in a hospital for children? You bet, but it is cheap, fast, and most kids like it. Mollie likes the fruit and walnut salad. It consists of a cup of vanilla yogurt, a cup of sliced apples and grapes, and a handful of walnuts. It is a healthy, kid-friendly choice, but it is not on the kids menu. No kids meal, no toy. They said she could have the toy for $1.80. No way. Not happening. I have principles to uphold! But... poor Mollie!! I will be writing a letter to both the CMC & McDonalds. Shouldn't they be rewarding (or at least not punishing) kids for making good food choices? And no child comes to the hospital for the fun of it- just give them the toy! [I am stepping down off my soapbox now.]

Here's the weekend report:

Saturday was full of calamities that included a potty training accident, Lucy almost breaking Matt's nose, and a workman falling through the ceiling (he's fine), but we topped it off nicely with a lovely evening barbecue with Michelle, Marv, and Bella. Marv and Michelle have a trampoline and I think we need to get one- Lucy loved it!!

Mother's Day was quiet; Matt and the kids made delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast and we spent the day at home doing crafts, barbecuing, and hanging out.


  1. I am in complete agreement about rewarding kids for good choices! Shame on McDs.

  2. That is funny that there is a McDs at the hospital. I want Starbucks at ours ;) but I guess Friendly's will do for now.

    Hope everyone is well, including the ceiling!


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