Last Week of Kindergarten

We had a good trip to Charlotte over the weekend- I think we've found a house/school district and now we can actually move forward with our move (take the next steps). It is much easier to be a first-time home buyer, I think. I am impressed at how well behaved Mollie and Lucy were while we looked at house after house.

Mollie's cough is still present and she also told me she has been having headaches. She's been fuzzy about the details, but they seem to come on suddenly and only last for a few minutes and they are in her temples. I hope it is sinus headache, but I have notified the oncologists and will follow up today with them.

Mollie starts her last week of school today! She is in such a great mood- I hope she has a terrific week!


  1. I hope she has a terrific week too (and you too).

  2. Last week already? Lala has 1 more month. I wish I could be there to help you guys. Mollie, you are a kindergarten rockstar! Have a great last week of K. God, your girls are growing up so quickly!

  3. I'm in a good mood, too, 'cause I finished school ;) Glad you've had progress in Charlotte and hope the headaches subside soon! Allergies are the worst...

  4. All the best to you Mollie. I hope you feel better.


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