Feeling Better

She's not angry in this photo... she's 'posing'

Mollie is feeling much better. She still has a hefty cough, but she has much more energy and a better appetite than she's had for the last week.

We went in to clinic on Monday- counts were good across the board (ANC 4300) and no fever since Sunday morning. After clinic, it was off to art camp!

I'm so proud of Mollie for letting me drop her off at the art program without any tears or clinging. She seems to be enjoying herself. I'm not sure what art projects they are doing, but she's been coming home with lots of colors on her clothes, fingers, and arms, so she must be having fun!


  1. I love the Easter outfits. So glad that Mollie is feeling better and enjoying Art Camp.

  2. so glad to hear and your three are so cute. beautiful photos, sarah!

  3. Mollie, You REALLY look like a young princes in that pose. Love you.

  4. She's pretty insightful about that pose-- I like it :)


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