Exhausted Easter

The last few days feel like a whirlwind. Honestly, I'm truly thankful to have my whole family at home on this Easter Sunday, but I also feel let down that we're not having a proper celebration.

To recap the last few days...

Weds. night I took Mollie to the ER for her GI issues and she was discharged with instructions to be observant and keep her hydrated. Matt was up in Charlotte for work and his parents were staying with us. He was supposed to come home Thursday night and we would all leave to spend Easter with his grandparents and uncles in South Carolina on Friday. Matt called on his way home Thursday after work... the car had broken down. He was able to get it running again, but didn't get home until late and we were all feeling stressed. I spent Friday morning packing up all the Easter outfits and supplies and Matt worked on the car a little. Mollie lost one of her front teeth while eating a bagel! In the afternoon, we left for South Carolina, even though Mollie still wasn't feeling 100%.

I can't emphasize enough how difficult it is to deal with situations like this. Mollie badly wanted to go see her G.G. for Easter, but she wasn't feeling well. We didn't know if this was due to her [presumed] GI virus, the steroids, both, or something else entirely. It is such a fine line we walk between taking the right precautions about Mollie's health and actually living and enjoying our lives.

We assumed that Mollie would feel better once she was off the steroids, and Saturday morning, she did seem to perk up a bit. She dyed Easter eggs and went to an Easter egg hunt at the local church. But we could tell she was exhausted and when we got home she took a nap. A few hours later, when she was still sleeping, we checked her temp and it was 102! We quickly packed up, called the oncologists, and headed back to Augusta (~2.5 hr drive) to the ER.

This was terribly difficult for both Mollie and Lucy. Mollie was obviously feeling terrible, but really didn't want to leave. Easter is her favorite holiday and she just loves being around her grandparents and great-grandparents; we don't get to see them often. It was also heartbreaking to see Lucy's response- she clearly didn't understand why we were suddenly leaving and she just laid on the floor and cried. We try not to dwell on it, but I hate that cancer takes away these simple joys from our family.

Matt took Mollie to the ER, while I stayed at home with Liam and Lucy. He ended up fainting while she was being accessed and falling on one of the nurses. They actually brought in a stretcher and oxygen for him- he was fine after a few minutes. It really scared Mollie- she told me this morning that she thought he had died and her heart was beating really fast for an hour. Despite that, she did great with the IV access, X ray, and all the other ER procedure. Her counts were great (ANC was above 4000), so they gave her IV rocephin (antibiotic) and told us to control her fever with Tylenol, keep her well hydrated, and go to clinic on Monday.

So... that brings us to today. Easter Sunday. The kids woke up to Easter baskets, but that is about all we could manage. The pollen is horrible here right now. The earth is literally coated with yellow- cars leave tire tracks in it when they drive down the street- and pollen is just hanging in the air. We don't want to go outside and we're exhausted. All the stores and restaurants are closed, so even if we had the energy, we can't have a special meal together. We're probably going to have turkey sandwiches for dinner! But Mollie still wants to put on her fancy Easter dress and new shoes and hat... so maybe we'll dine on the fine China if I can muster the energy. Matt is feeling horrible from his allergies, lack of sleep, and, probably, from collapsing in a heap on the floor last night. He is sleeping right now- if he wakes up feeling a little better, maybe we'll think of some small way to celebrate Easter. Update: The restaurant in the new Sheraton hotel near our house was open, so we dressed up and had a delicious dinner. Mollie didn't enjoy her food, but she sure gobbled up double chocolate cake for dessert!

Despite the circumstances, I am content that Mollie is feeling a little better and that we are all home under one roof. Mollie was thrilled with her Easter basket surprises, Lucy was thrilled with the candy, and Liam enjoyed the attention of his sisters. Hoping that Mollie feels even better tomorrow- she is supposed to start spring break art camp (after clinic, of course).


  1. We're sorry to hear that this Easter holiday was such rough going! At least everyone is sleeping at home and not at the hospital... Hopefully rest will do the trick so that the start of Art Camp is not delayed!

    D.C. Kings

  2. I love the bunny ears and admire your strength to pull through the scary spots and frustrations while maintaining as much normalcy as possible. Hope this Easter brings much needed energy to everyone!

    Love, Anita

  3. Agreed to both of the above. It saddens me to try to understand your battles with having a normal life and doing the right things to fight the illness(es). Wish it would all magically disappear, but know you have our support until it does :) Speaking of camps, remind me ahead of time (if you remember) when Camp Rainbow is and I'll try to put together a package for your eldest.

    Many hugs!

  4. Sarah, You had me crying when you said Mollie thought Matt had died. Why did he faint?
    Jesus you guys are under way too much stress.
    Your photo of the the three kiddos is adorable. Hold it close. Despite all the stresses, you have an amazing little family.
    Hugs, Nicola

  5. Wow! I don't know where you get your strength but it is amazing. Bravo for getting the Easter baskets together and having a family dinner out. Being together is so important!

    It was rainy here in the Bay Area.

    Make sure to pat yourself on the back for doing everything you do! It's pretty awesome.

    Thinking of you.

  6. Oh Sarah, cancer just plain sucks!!! I hate your plans were ruined and the kids didn't get to enjoy the Easter they were looking forward to but I am very thankful that Mollie is feeling better and did not have to be admitted. Praying that today's visit goes well.

    Miss you guys. We will be that way April 19 and 20th.


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