Spring Break

After a rough start, Mollie had a lovely spring break. She attended an art camp in Aiken, SC for 5 afternoons. She did some gorgeous artwork and had a good time. She did a great job adapting to the new environment and it was a positive experience for her. The theme was 'beach bound,' so the projects were all in wonderful bright colors. Here is a small sampling:

The weather was great (except for the pollen- it was the worst I've ever witnessed) so we also had a few picnics and frolics in the park. Mollie and Isabella spent almost the entire weekend playing outdoors at our house or her house. They said they wanted the weekend to last forever! It is so bittersweet for me since we're going to be moving- it really pains me that those two won't be able to play together whenever the mood strikes.

School has started back up just fine for Mollie and Lucy. Mollie is eating well, full of energy, and feeling great. Lucy & Liam are feeling a little under the weather with coughs and runny noses. The weather continues to be fantastic; I hope everyone feels better soon so we can enjoy it.


  1. Wow...the artwork is gorgeous, Mollie!

  2. Wow! I love the Palm Trees...glad things are going better.

  3. Mollie's artwork is fantastic!! I love the picture with the big M incorporating a fish for part of the letter. Beautiful use of color.


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