And we're home!

The big concern (why Dr. Vega sent us to the ER) was that Mollie might have a bowel obstruction (the abdominal pain) and/or be dehydrated (from the diarrhea). Well, they ruled both of those out in the ER and sent us home with instructions to use Tylenol for pain and wait for this to go away in a few more days.

Also, the clinic is closed tomorrow and Friday (they are moving to a new location for remodeling), so we would have to use the ER anyway if we waited until tomorrow.

We are so happy to be sleeping in our own beds. Mollie isn't feeling much better, but she's sleeping. That might be the best medicine of all. We had such a great crew of doctors and nurses tonight- it was almost pleasant. I said almost.


  1. I am sending all good thoughts--for full nights of sleep and for feeling better! I loved your emphasis on almost! A;so loved the earlier photos of all three--you have a gorgeous family--a clear reflection of all your loving!

  2. Thinking good thoughts for you Miss Mollie. Love you!

  3. Glad everything is OK. I hope that all of you have a wonderful Easter and a great visit with Matt's parents. I love you all!


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