Weekend Round-Up

We went to the horse races (the Aiken Trials) on Saturday in Aiken, SC. We had never done it before and it was fun! The weather was just a bit cold, but we only caught a few minutes of rain. The girls made their picks as the horses were paraded around the paddock before each race and they enjoyed watching the jockeys in their colorful silk jerseys mount up just before they went off to the gates. We brought snacks and drinks and tailgated during the down time.

Today was Mollie's birthday party revisited. Since Bella was sick last weekend, we had her over for another tea party today. She and Mollie played all day long and Mollie went out to dinner with Bella's family tonight. It struck me how much both Mollie and Bella have matured since they first became friends. Today they were both perfect little ladies, no whining or bickering from either one!

My big triumph was managing to get a few pictures of all 3 of my children at the same time. Next challenge: the whole family.


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Your children are BEAUTIFUL! Liam is so lucky to have Mollie and Lucy. I am glad that you guys had a great weekend. Isn't the weather wonderful?! I wish spring would last a little longer. I love these warm/cool days. Great new photos! I love them!

  2. 3 kids all looking at the camera together, WOW!!! so cute. eh

  3. So sweet - all together! Liam is so big, he'll probably be driving by the time I see him in April!

  4. Hi Mollie,

    On your blog I was just reading about how you had visited the Aiken Trials. From there I read a little about you and your courage. I wish I had known you were coming to the trials; I would like to have met you. My name is James Burns but my friends call me "Bo". I am a jockey and rode the Trials when you visited. I rode in the big race called the "City of Aiken Trophy" on a horse named Stiletto Ridge. By the way Stiletto Ridge is a girl horse who ran on Saturday against the boys!

    It's funny... Stiletto Ridge is a lot like you. She is strong, beautiful and likes to have fun at the races just like you. We could have complained that we had to run against colts (the boys) that day or that the horses in that race seemed to be bigger and more powerful than us, but we didn't. We refused to listen to anyone say they will get the best of us. We didn’t believe them when they said we didn’t have a good chance at winning. We kept our poise and positive attitude reflecting the winners that we are! Most of all we had a lot of what you have Mollie. We had courage! And you know what Mollie? We Won!

    I’m sorry that Stiletto Ridge and I missed a chance to meet you. We would have liked that. Tell your mom if you ever get over to the Aiken Training Track again we would love to have a chance to meet someone like you! Maybe your mom could email us at JockeyFl@hotmail.com.

    Mollie your courage makes us smile! Most of all… like me, you and Stiletto Ridge OUR courage helps us WIN!

    Stiletto Ridge and her Jockey

    James “Bo” Burns

  5. Coming to you from cold and windy NY! What lovely family photos! The children are gorgeous. The tea party sounds special. It does sound as if you had a wonderful time at the races. I was really touched by James' letter. How very special of him to write. What a treasure. I wonder how he got to your blog--probably a story in itself.

  6. soooooooooooo beautiful. those three. oh my goodness. children are such a blessing. (i can say this since mine are now asleep, finally.)

  7. Mollie, you have a beautiful princess smile and Lucy has an impish smile. And I think your little brother is going to be a BIG brother.
    Love you guys.

  8. Glad to see the flowers still hanging :) Great colorful photos of the three kings. I remember going to horse races at the county fair in Mississippi every summer. My dad and I would bet one another a coke, and the loser had to put in the ice and pour the drink. Good times!


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