Clinic Update

Mollie had a clinic visit today. Liam had his 2 month appointment today too.

Can I just tell you how sick & tired I am of clinic waiting rooms?

Mollie got her 2nd H1N1 shot and they measured her blood cell counts. Her chemo dose was increased last visit because her height had increased, so we had this mid-cycle visit to check counts to see how she is tolerating the higher dose. Her ANC is 1600- perfect. All her other cells are in the normal range, so her next appointment for IV chemo is in 2 weeks. And... this brave kiddo took the shot like a champ!


  1. awesome news, other than the waiting room....

  2. Great news. Love to everyone. Waiting is just an unpleasant part of life.

  3. Three cheers to Mollie, but four cheers for her Mama! And happy St. Patrick's Day to all even tho it is now the 22nd!


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