Off to the doctor again...

but not with Mollie! Liam has a persistent cough that I couldn't ignore any longer, especially since he hasn't had any immunizations yet. So we went for a visit to Dr. B. The result? Antibiotics for Liam and another appointment next week. Oh, and many comments on how big he is: 15 lbs at 2 months!

The kids' pediatrician is the best! Dr. B is about 4 ft tall (perfect pediatrician height!) and very relaxed. She puts us at ease even when discussing serious issues. I give her so much credit for sending us to the ER that day Mollie was sick back in June 2008. That began the chain of events that ultimately ended with Mollie's leukemia diagnosis. Boy, we are going to miss her when we move!


  1. i hope he feels better! that is scary. keep a good eye on him. he is little (even if you get big comments! he might be neck and neck with finnian!)

  2. Poor bebe! Maybe he will sleep better on the meds.


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