Spring has sprung

Not much to update since Saturday...

The weather was fabulous on Mollie's birthday and it's even better today. We are all excited to get to spend some time outside before things heat up too much!

Mollie is feeling well and has regained her energy now that the steroids are over. We went to the art museum yesterday and she was running all over the place! She enjoyed having uncle Sam and auntie Liv here for the weekend.

Tomorrow is the big day for Frank- he's shaving his head in honor of Mollie. He has raised nearly $7000! Wow!

While I was writing this post, Mollie came home from school to find a package in the mail from France. Inside? A beautiful quilt from Quilts 4 Leukemia! She loves it:


  1. The quilt is beautiful. Goodness, Mollie is such a cutie!

    We spent a lot of time outside today too!


  2. Beautiful quilt! Yay for this lot of steroids being done!

  3. gorgeous quilt. this past week of Q for letter of the week in lala's class. she brought the little quilt you made for her dolls a few years back and boasted that her mamma's friend, sarah, made it for her. too cute.

  4. There's still some squiggly pasta in your fridge from Saturday's dinner. Pretty sure it's cooked all the way through ;)

  5. Mollie,
    That is a wonderful quilt! I'm so happy that you are feeling well. You are a beautiful princess. Take good care of Lucy & Liam and you mom & dad.
    Love you...


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