The Pictures

Clinic Update: Mollie's clinic visit went well yesterday- she got accessed very quickly and her ANC is great (4700). Actually, we were in and out of there pretty quickly (<3 hours). Unfortunately, she is still suffering from GI issues. I am attempting to get her to eat yogurt, but she doesn't like it (or smoothies) when she's on steroids. She went to school this morning and I will pick her up just before naptime; I hope it goes smoothly.


  1. what cute cute photos! (I recognize that little turtle with liam and i know who gave it to you. i keep meaning to email her just to tell her how much finn adores his. tucks him into bed when he gets tucked into bed. "tuttle.")
    would she drink tea? i know some teas can be helpful for GI distress and it might seem like a tea party treat?

  2. Love the photos. Only 2 weeks & a few days until I'm there - can't wait.
    Love you all.

  3. Have you seen this new product called Good Belly Kids? It's non-dairy, probiotic and very drinkable in a little shot. I drink the regular shots.


  4. apparently their products are available in your area according to the website...the Fresh Market and at Earth's Fare.

    also new kids Greek yogurt called Champions by Chobani. Not necessarily probiotics but live and active cultures plus higher in protein than other yogurts.


  5. Very very cute photos! Love the "tuttle:.....:0)

  6. Mollie,
    I'm happy to hear that your clinic went well. You always look like a princess! Any you have a very cute little sister and little brother. I hope that your tummy feels better.
    I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.
    Love to all...


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