Altitude is Everything

Back in college I had a swim team T-shirt that said, "Attitude is everything" on the back. It was written in a funky script that made it look like "altitude" and Matt used to tease me about it every time I wore that shirt. Attitude is really so important and thank you everybody for reminding me of that and providing some encouragement.

Today, day 2 of steroids, was not too shabby. Mollie went to school for the entire day; she seemed pleasant and happy when she got home - she spent most of the evening writing letters to everyone in our family. But she had large dark circles under her eyes and went to bed 45 minutes earlier than usual. Guess I'll just wait until morning to determine whether she goes to school tomorrow. If she does, I will pick her up early because I don't want her to get too worn out.


  1. Hang in there, supermom! You guys always amaze me with your strength. Hope Mollie feels better.

  2. Just fixed my typo. Mollie's home today and we're lounging.

  3. how did it go? lounging is good. attitude is everything. i got in an email/blog discussion with someone one time (rhian?) about how we choose whether or not we are happy. i didn't like the way that statement was phrased, because i have known too many people with real depression, but the point was that we can choose to want to be happy and do something to make that so.
    falls right in line with your attitude t-shit.


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