Almost There...

Mollie is doing pretty well with the steroids (and I am too!). Food is the big issue this week-- she's not eating anything except bagels and cream cheese! She is also very tired, but I guess she got most of her aggression out after her spinal because she has been in a great mood. She has been creating gifts for all of her friends and her mouth is going a mile a minute making up poems and telling me all about fairies.

We also got this update from Frank, who is shaving his head for St. Baldricks (click here for his page):

"This could be our BEST year ever ... At the end of the day people step up and prove just how beautiful they are."

He has already raised $5,515, surpassing his goal by over $500! Go Frank!

Best part of the week so far.... Mollie gave me a prize for winning the cookie contest(?) and making the best cookies in the world (they were cherry chocolate chip)! Should I advertise them as my "award-winning" cookies?


  1. You should advertise the cookies as having won a "Mollie" - the highest honor ever! Glad that all is well.
    Did you get any snow?
    Love you guys...

  2. yay! my friend liz's daughter, julia, is also very into fairies. apparently, during each full moon (one just past) if mollie leaves her shoes out, a crystal fairy will leave a crystal in them. (you need to be one more fairy, don't you?) i wish i had known this when i gave away all my amethyst crystals when lala was 1 yr old!

  3. ha ha....they certainly sound like award winning cookies to me!


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