Fingers Crossed

Mollie woke up feeling "weak and dizzy" this morning. She was also feeling a little unwell at school yesterday, so I'm keeping her home today. So far, no fever or symptoms other than a stuffy nose.

Update: As it turns out, Mollie is feeling a little tired, but mostly wanted to stay home from school because other kids in the school are sick and she's worried she will get sick. Matt and I are totally on board with this (well, I would rather she was just honest and upfront about it from the very beginning rather than saying she felt sick). Her circumstances are different; other kids get a cold and stay home for a day or two; Mollie gets sick and can end up in the hospital for two weeks. So, she can stay home today, and we'll see how it goes the rest of the week.


  1. good. a home day is a much better reason to stay home!

  2. Smart Mollir! Wise parents! Enjoy your time together.

    Much Love,

    Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Janet

  3. Ahh, Grandma and Grandpa said just what I was thinking--smart Mollie and a wise Mama. I hope all is going smoothly.


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