Lucy is 2 years old today! Time sure flies- she was just an infant when Mollie was diagnosed with leukemia and now she is a happy, healthy kid and a big sister! She is full of energy and very entertaining. She is Mollie's constant companion and protégé. She loves to play with balls and go to the park, but she also likes to color with Mollie and play baby dolls. M&Ms ('bites') are her weakness.

We celebrated her birthday last weekend with my parents and Michelle and Isabella. Lucy adores Bella and she was so tickled at her birthday party. When we all sang happy birthday her eyes lit up and she had a huge smile; then she truly enjoyed opening her presents- she oohed and aahed at each one, even the clothes! I think that was the happiest I've ever seen her!

Happy Birthday Sweet Lucy!

And since this is Mollie's blog, the update is she has a cough with no fever. We're glad it's Friday so she can get some R & R over the weekend and hopefully fight off this bug.


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy!

    (and hope Mollie's cough passes quickly)

    Jeanene Pihkala

  2. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!! Praying Mollie kicks the coughs bootie quick! No Fevers!!!!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Lucy! What a beautiful photo! I know Mollie has set the path for 'big sister'hood!

  4. Lucy, it was a joy to be with you. You are a one girl entertainment system and very sweet. I hope that your third year (age 2) is a great one.
    Mollie, thank you for everything. I have your maraca in my kitchen and it reminds me of you. You are a sweetheart.
    Have your mom or dad check out this link: http://www.dltk-kids.com/World/mexico/mexican_maracas.htm
    I love you all and a special hi to Liam

  5. i've been thinking of lucy all day!
    happy TWO!

    healthy thoughts winging east!

  6. Happy, happy birthday Lucy! So great to see your smile!

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  8. Lucy!
    I can not believe that you are TWO!
    I will always remember you, and William jumping on the raft, in Tahoe.
    Thank you for making me smile, kiddo!
    I love you. Have fun being two!

  9. Hi there,

    You sent me an email a few months ago about a quilt for Mollie. Sorry I've taken such a long time to get back toyou, but I'm in the process of making one up at the moment and wondered if Mollie would like it.

    Clare Worthy

  10. Lucy is a FUN child to be around and her affection for Bella is heart-warming (to both Bella and me).
    I can tell Mollie relishes her big sister role and it was great to see her assist Lucy in opening presents.


  11. We left Matt a message this weekend-- sorry we missed her birthday, but love to hear how excited she was :)


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