Made It

Mollie made it through the rest of the week just fine. Thank goodness she didn't get sick!

She has really been enjoying Liam; she can't wait to come home from school and hold him. And he loves her just as much. He just gazes up at her and never fusses when she's holding him. That gives me a little time with Lucy. I feel lucky to have such great kids!

Mollie heads back to clinic on Monday for IV chemo. And that means the start of steroids too, so I'm not looking forward to this week.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Such a great big sis. Enjoy the NON-Steroid weekend!

  2. Wow, sounds so nice! We miss all of you! Oh, and your Christmas present is finally on its way... hope it eases some evenings :)

  3. you make it sound so easy!
    glad all is well.

  4. I am sending all good wishes for a smooth(ish) week to come.

  5. Mollie,
    You are a great big sister and a very brave, strong girl. I love your art work & crafts.
    Matt / Sarah you have a beautiful, wonderful family.
    Love you all...


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