We're Walking Tonight!

Mollie had a good day at school yesterday, although she did stop by the nurses office. She was complaining that her leg hurt and it was making her "waddle" when she walked. The nurse (thank goodness!) told her to quack like a duck to go along with the waddle; she went on to have a good afternoon. Apparently, the leg didn't stop her from enjoying PE.

We're going to a birthday party this afternoon, and then the walk is tonight. It promises to be a fun day!
Happy Birthday Grandma Janet!


  1. Hey Mollie,
    Mommo and I are going to try to find a March For ... tonight. So we will be thinking of you. You are such a strong brave girl. And your parents are so supportive.
    Grandpa TC

  2. Hah! Nurse has a good personality!

  3. Love the picture. Happy walking!!!

  4. Hi Mollie!
    So glad you had a great walk! We are so proud of you. We'll be thinking about you while we're in Germany and we'll make sure Mommo picks out something super to bring back home for you!
    Love you,
    Grantie Sally & Uncle "D"


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