Just go with it

Despite all the medications, Mollie was still feeling sick yesterday. But this morning, she woke feeling okay and ready to go to school. So off she went. It was also Lucy's first day in a nursery school program, so I was really looking forward to a couple of hours to myself.

Ha, ha, ha. Not so! The school nurse called and said that Mollie was extremely dizzy and pale. So, off I went to pick her up. At first, I was extremely concerned, but after thinking about what the causes might be (she may have a virus, an ear infection, and she's taking some really strong antibiotics) and seeing that Mollie didn't appear to be scared or in pain, I decided to just bring her home and let her nap for a while. She felt better after the nap, but she has been a little subdued ever since. It is so hard to determine what is serious and what isn't with Mollie. And she knows it, which makes it even harder, because she uses it against us.

She ended up perking up enough to want to go to her Daisy scouts meeting. She enjoyed the meeting and even played in the park afterward. She is pretty worn out now, so she'll be heading to bed early tonight and hoping for an uneventful day tomorrow.

In this crazy life of ours, we just don't know what the day is going to bring. It's hard to make plans, because we never know when we'll have to cancel. The weeks when we have the most activities scheduled are invariably the weeks that Mollie is not feeling well. We signed her up for a creek exploration program at a local nature park. It meets every other week and Mollie as not made it to one meeting yet! If it's not a clinic day, then she's been sick. It's frustrating for me because I paid for it and really want her to get the experience, but I know her health is the priority. I just want so much for her to have the "normal" childhood experiences.

We will be participating in the Light the Night Walk this weekend. Last year Mollie was on steroids and a lot of chemo, but she still walked the whole way! We hope (fingers crossed) that she will be feeling better for this year's walk. We'll also be bringing the wagon to tow Lucy- I'm sure she could walk to whole way but we need to keep her strapped in so she doesn't run off! Many of our friends from clinic will be there, and we are looking forward to walking with them. Please donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at our Team Homepage.


  1. That is a great picture of Mollie in her Daisy uniform. And I love the picture of Mollie on your Team Page. I am sorry we cannot be there to walk with you all but please know we are there in spirit.


  2. your flexibility is incredible.

    sarah, i have tried several different times to donate through the link. i keep getting page errors. any suggestions? i see others have been successful?!

  3. Here's to hoping your life becomes "less spontaneous" soon. Cute picture of Lucy, hope she enjoyed her nursery time.

    Have a fun walk this weekend, maybe i'll join you from this side of the pond.

  4. We're supporting your crew from here and wearing last year's shirts tomorrow! Hope it's a hit! You appear to be weathering all that life brings you quite well-- keep it up-- I think it's awesome :)

  5. Mollie,
    I hope you are feeling better. And Lu, you are looking great.
    Sarah and Matt - you are such great parents, I'm sure it is beyond stressful but you have stepped up and you will never regret it.
    I think that Mommo & I are going to try to find a local march for Saturday night & I will be wearing my pink "March for Mollie" t-shirt from last year.
    Mollie, you are so great and you have a loving and caring family.
    Bless you!


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