Fever.... To Clinic... Then Home

Hangin' out in clinic...

Last night, Mollie seemed exhausted and mother's intuition told me she was coming down with something. We checked her temperature several times and no fever, but she went to bed without eating much dinner at all. She was coughing all night long and woke this morning complaining of aches and pains and vomiting. By the time we got to clinic, her temp was 102!

But, her ANC was 2500, so she didn't have to be admitted to the hospital. She received rocephin (an antibiotic) and fluids in clinic and they sent her home on an oral antibiotic.

So, Mollie is glad because she gets a pass on the flu shot until next month. They can't give it to her right after she's had a fever because it might mask a reaction, but they also have to time it so that it is exactly between steroid pulses, because the steroids suppress the immune response and reduce the effectiveness. I got my flu shot today, though.

Lots of rest and fluids for today. Probably, she will stay home from school tomorrow as well. She is definitely feeling better after the IV antibiotic, and is being her usual goofy self! Hopefully she will be back to 100% by Thursday so she can go to her Daisy Girl Scout meeting. Plus, we have fun plans for the weekend. Ah, yes, the spontaneity that cancer brings into our lives.

I'm so proud of how Mollie just rolls with everything. Things that would have been a HUGE deal to her 18 months ago- like having a giant needle stuck into her chest, being hooked up to an IV, having to wear a mask, sitting in a boring clinic room for hours- are just water under the bridge for her these days. She had a very smooth chemo-port access and needle removal. I remember when just taking the bandage and tape off caused her to go to hysterics. Now, she brings one of her special worry stones with her so she won't worry when she undergoes different procedures. It really works!


  1. Oh Mollie, I hope you feel better soon! I feel the same about the flu shot, I really don't want one either, and i'm pretty sure you'll be braver about yours than I will about mine! Maybe I should go and find a worry rock too, I collect beach rocks that look like hearts, and ones with holes in them (wishing rocks), they always seem so special!

  2. I am sure that worry stone has some special power. It belonged to Papa Eilers and he was quite the worrier with a very long life!
    Love you guys -

  3. I hope Mollie feels better soon. I also have a little worry stone of sorts that was given to me as a gift. I think they do help!

  4. Rhian- I got my flu shot today and it wasn't bad at all. Actually, I can honestly say that I barely felt it. Really.

    Worry stones are great. She has the green heart that was my grandfather's, a pink heart (from Anita) that we share, a gold angel from my friend Cameron's mom, and a stone that says "Be Brave" from Nicola's mom. These all have special meaning to her and she rotates which one she uses each time.

  5. LOVE her 'tude with the worry stone-- awesome! And nice job on the intuition. Glad it wasn't a bigger deal overall. Your crew is full of pros at handling things well and prioritizing the important stuff. Sending love from DC :)

  6. I am going to find some worry stones for William. He has not been sleeping well, and maybe this will help him. GREAT idea! I hope Mollie is feeling better, and that Mom and Dad are getting rest too! I love you guys and I miss you.

  7. Good one on Intuition and it helps a lot.

    Karim - Mind Power

  8. ugh. poor babe. feel better!
    i love the stone.

  9. Miss Mollie,
    You are such a brave, strong girl. And you are also sweet, caring and funny (in a nice way). So take care and know that you are loved. I look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving. Give Lucy and your mom & dad a big hug for me.
    Grandpa TC (the grouch)

  10. Mollie, you really are one of the bravest people that I know! Happy to hear you're feeling better.

  11. Need to get some of those worry stones for Isa.


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