Another Day, Another Clinic Visit

Not today, thank goodness. Mollie stayed home from school today because we felt she needed a little more recovery time before her chemo tomorrow. She had a pretty good day, but she missed school. Her teacher sent home some activities that she worked on; we did some jigsaw puzzles and ran some errands, but I could tell she missed going to school.

Tomorrow morning we head back to clinic for her chemo and she begins her 5-day steroid pulse. Those dreaded steroids should also help with the sinus inflammation.

I'll update from the clinic tomorrow.

In other news, I got a phone call from the former director of the pediatric ER about the medication mix up on Saturday. He has forwarded this information to the new director (I didn't realize there had been a change) and she is supposed to follow up with me this week and we will file a formal complaint. I'm still angry about the situation. That nurse didn't follow protocol; if she had, she would have realized that Mollie was not supposed to get Benadryl, and there would have been no problem. The nurses in clinic ask Mollie her name and birthdate every time they do anything; then, before they give her any medication, they ask me if she has any allergies. Every time. They also told me that they have one patient who IS allergic to Benadryl...


  1. This is so frustrating, Sarah! When I was in labor with Will, I was given the wrong medication. The nurse that gave it to me was named Vivian!! Go figure. I was so sick! I am so sorry that this happened to Mollie. I hope everything turns out all right. Thinking about you guys.
    PS: Just so you know... the word verification for me, is the "word" scari! Yes, very scary! :-)

  2. Hi Mollie,
    I hope today will be a better day for you. I know it has been a hard week or so. I'm thinking of you though.
    It rained so hard here that I couldn't even go outside to empty the garbage and it was windy too. Hundreds of trees blew down and we got over 6 inches of rain - ask your dad or mom - that is really a lot! There are also about 90,000 people with no electricity.
    Today they are expecting mudslides.
    It rained so hard yesterday that Yoshi wouldn't go outside at all. But Aunt Katherine is happy because I told her there is lots of snow at Lake Tahoe.
    Uncle Billy is on his way to Mexico to take part in a car race so he will be gone for about 2 weeks!
    Lots of love and God bless you!


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