Again with the fever!

Not too happy about being hooked up to an IV again!

Waiting in clinic.

Mollie spiked a fever last night at 3 AM, so we knew we were in for a clinic visit today. She was also feeling dizzy and "wobbly" (although she was laying down so I'm not sure what she meant by that). I gave her Tylenol and Zofran; it got her fever down and let her go back to sleep. Of course, the light in the kitchen burnt out and I slammed my finger in the cabinet, plus I had the clinic visit on my mind, so I had a hard time going back to sleep!

We spent the day in clinic and the NP thinks Mollie has a sinus infection or inflammation. She received another dose of rocephin through her port (another needle stick, with one more to look forward to on Weds.) and is starting a two week course of oral antibiotics. We're hoping this clears up all the yuckies, including the bouts of dizziness.

We had a lovely day yesterday, though. We took a family walk at a local park in the nice fall weather. Mollie seemed to really enjoy the sunshine and being outdoors. Today is a different story- it's been pouring for 8 hours straight. I'm glad we spent today in clinic and not yesterday!


  1. Sending big (sterile) hugs that direction - I so hope you feel better soon Mollie, and no unscheduled clinic visits for a while (though, at least it was the clinic this time!).

  2. Mollie,
    I hope you feel better soon. I'm thinking about you.
    Love to all.
    Grandpa TC

  3. poor babe. i'd be mad, too.
    healing hugs winging her way

  4. I just re-looked at the pics in this post for the 4th time. (I check this blog regularly for updates) I love how different Mollie looks in pictures 1 and 3. And Lucy sure has done some growing.


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