Struggling with Steroids

This weekend has been challenging, to say the least. The steroids have really hit Mollie hard, and she's having some leg and jaw pain from the vincristine as well. The steroids seem to manifest themselves in Mollie as an inability to make decisions, especially about what to wear and what to eat. She gets so frustrated and we end up going around in circles and Matt and I end up getting angry. It is impossible to tell where the steroid effects end and the five-year-old exerting control begins. Tomorrow is the last day for the month and we can't wait! Three weeks and one day until the next round.

Despite the difficulties, we have managed to sneak in a little fun. Friday night, we went to a Brews, BBQs, and Blues event at a local outdoor amphitheater. Lucy had the time of her life and Mollie tolerated it. Then, Saturday, Mollie and I went to the Team in Training info session, followed by a trip to the park so the girls could play in the newly opened water park. Today, after a very tough morning, Mollie played on the trampoline at Isabella's house and we went to the Greenjackets game (Mollie ate some Dippin' Dots and then slept the whole game).

Matt and I both think it's important to encourage Mollie to get up and do things, even when she is on steroids. We don't want to push her too hard, but we don't want her to lay around the house watching TV for 5 days a month either. It is hard to find the right balance and to know how hard we can push.


  1. virtual hugs from here. i can't speak to the steroids, but i do know the 5 year old control/attitude struggles are rough all by themselves.
    and mollie! her hair is growing in so dark!

  2. Hi All,
    I read Mollie blog all the time. We first met Mollie when you found our site nicholasshannorocks.blogspot.com. I agree the steroids can definitely be challenging for everyone. Hang in there and we will keep praying for Mollie. Take Care, Karen Shannon


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