Clinic Update

Clinic went fine today. We had some tears for the finger stick and port access, but after it was all over, Mollie didn't even want a band aid. Her ANC is a little on the high side again (3200); they want it to be < style="font-style: italic;">like pizza, ate pasta. She has started her monthly dexamethasone and it is already affecting her. She's complaining of some pain in her sides and is having a hard time making decisions. Despite that, she had a nice afternoon making cookies, cakes, and other confections with playdough.


  1. thank you for the update. daily virtual hugs and love from us. wishing i could have you over for tea and cookies, sarah.

  2. I hate that the steroids seem to have had such a quick effect on Mollie.......praying this week goes smoothly.


  3. Wow, Sarah...Mollie looks so much like you when YOU had hair that short. Have you ever showed her those pictures?


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