Sigh of Relief

Mollie woke up feeling great this morning! Yesterday, I had to pick her up early from school because she was so tired. She even took a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day! After her nap, we cleaned up her room while Lucy cooked in the play kitchen. Mollie's room seemed really cluttered, so we removed some larger items, rearranged furniture, and now it feels much calmer in there. She is saving up her money to buy a bean bag chair since she's outgrown her rocking chair.

Last night we had an interview with NBC Augusta's Bridgett Williams. It will be broadcast for the Children's Miracle Network Celebration (telethon) at the end of the month. Mollie was a little shy, but she did a pretty good job answering questions. It's hard to be put on the spot like that!

The interview caused us to reflect on the journey, how our lives have changed. For us, the changes have been mostly positive. Yes, there is always fear and the heartache of seeing your child in pain, but we don't have any control over that. What we can control is how we live. I think this experience has forged stronger bonds between us and opened our eyes to seeing the joys in each day.


  1. You are all my heroes. Love you so much. XOXOXO

  2. you made me cry, again. having a tough week, medically, and mollie is always a reminder to buck up. yay, mollie!

  3. Awww this is nice! I'm looking forward to seeing the interview and how Mollie answered the questions :)

  4. You guys are the epitome of when Tupac said "Keep your head up". You show everyone else how to see the sunshine through the rain and how to still smile while you're getting wet.

    Peace & Luv


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