Mid-steroid mania

I wish we had a Panera discount card... because that is all Mollie wants when she's on steroids. She cries, begging me to take her there. Apologizing for being so hungry and waking Lucy up. I can distract her for a little while and she'll eat little bites of other food around the house, but it always comes back to Panera.

I think we'll probably be having her birthday dinner there tomorrow night. And maybe her pre-birthday dinner tonight.

Poor kiddo! She knows this medicine makes her feel like crap, yet she has never refused to take it. And even through her tears she is so polite.

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  1. We did see a little help in Alyson's moods with the increase of potassium. Maybe Mollie will eat a Panera bananna?

    We feel your cravings Dearest Mollie,

    J&J, B&A


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