Clinic Update

Clinic went well today.

Mollie's ANC was 2200 and Hb and platelets were in the normal range. The purpose of maintenance chemo in ALL is to keep the bone marrow suppressed, without inducing neutropenia. The goal is for Mollie's ANC to be between 1000 and 2000. If her ANC continues to be on the high side, Beth will up the dose of chemo. However, Beth also said that since the effects of chemo are cumulative, the counts will probably come down over the next few months.

Mollie was happy and excited to go to clinic. She didn't even bat an eyelash at the finger stick. We saw her friends Courson and Zackary and went out for pizza (pasta for Mollie) with Zackary after clinic.

When we got home, Mollie took her first dose of steroids and a long nap. Then she picked out a wonderful fairly activity set (thanks Genevieve) from the present stash; it kept her busy for a few hours. She is currently reading books in her bedroom.

In other news, Lucy can now drink from a straw and stole Mollie's juice box at clinic!!


  1. Your girls look so great! I love Molly's hair, it reminds me of my Isabel's when she was in the beginning of LTM. Sending you all our love, Paulette and family

    (only 16 days left! It does end! Next phase for Molly after LTM? OT!!!)

  2. that is wonderful! and cute about lucy. finn figured that out a couple months back and had me floored. lala did not learn that trick until she was over 2 yrs.
    thinking of you guys. mike got your lovely (and unnecessary!) card! thanks!

  3. Glad that clinic went well and results are still pretty good. Lu looks so cute in that photo-- the juice box burglary made me laugh :)

  4. So awesome that Lucy stole Mollie's juice box. As a younger sibling I can't help thinking "You go baby!". Mollie is looking wise and lovely.


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