The Birthday Post

Today is Mollie's 5th Birthday! Wow, we are SO glad to all be here to celebrate.

We wanted to have a big celebration, but Mollie is just not feeling up to it; she is so tired and grumpy from the steroids. So, I'll bring cupcakes to her school and then we'll let her pick our dinner location tonight.

We'll keep things low key for the birthday girl and have her "friend" party next weekend.

Happy Birthday Mollie!

Some pictures of Mollie through the years...


  1. hippo birdie two ewe
    hippo birdie two
    hippo birdie to mollie
    hippo birdie two ewe!

    WOW! FIVE!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Mollie is beautiful and we will definitely be thinking of her on our ride. We'd love to officially ride in her honor as well and write her name on our jerseys. Let us know if you'd like that- we can just use her first name if you'd prefer.

    Hope Mollie had a very happy birthday! We look forward to following her progress and are so glad to see a concrete example of the healing role cancer research can play.

    Take care,

    Arik and Mia

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Mollie Carroll! I love you so very much. I hope you are enjoying your "Shabby Chic" pink lamp. It really looks lovely in your room. Just what a girl with your sense of style needs! Lots of hugs & kisses on your special day - you can share them with Lucy too.
    Love you,

  4. Happy Birthday to Darling Mollie!

    Alyson says she's still happy with four but talks about her 5th birthday all the time.

    Way to make it to another happy, happy day!

    Great love from Colorado,

    Julie & John, Bradyn & Alyson

  5. Happy Fifth Birthday, Miss Mollie! Hope you can use the sparkley gift we sent in just a few short weeks! :)
    Love and aloha,
    Uncle Sam and Auntie Liv


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