The weekend was okay; Saturday was the last steroid day for a while. We worked (moving furniture) around the house, but we did make it to Teresia's for a German lesson (and some delicious treats) on Sunday.

Mollie spent some time looking at playhouse ideas... I found one that she really likes (on this blog). What do you think? I love it! We're hoping that Make-a-Wish can build something along these lines. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Mollie had a great day at school today and asked me why she can't stay for afterschool care. She is looking forward to Valentine's day (her favorite holiday, I think). We will work on her special Valentine mail box tomorrow after school.


  1. Three cheers for the end of steroid week.

    The play house is absolutely wonderful. I love the way the blogger explained the 'whys' of everything. What a treasure trove of ideas. The windows under the eaves (or, perhaps a skylight) are so incredibly perfect, making the space larger and airier and appearing magical. It is a perfect place for dreaming, missing only a small book case and a coat hook or two. Good luck in achieving this dream

  2. I LOVE THAT PLAYHOUSE!!!! ok, i really do. My friend Aimee had a playhouse when we were kids and I loved it- it wasn't nearly as perfect as that one but it was such an amazing thing as a kid. Perhaps after Mollie's playhouse is built i can take a trip to see you guys and we could have tea in it!!


  3. I love the playhouse and I can just see Miss Mollie playing in it. Too cute! I wish I had one.

  4. Great minds and all that. Be looking for a few posts coming up about Alyson's Make-a-Wish playhouse we just finished putting together. :)



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