Zofran rocks!

Mollie's weekly, at home drug/chemo regimen goes like this:

6-MP- every single day (for the next 2 years!)
Methotrexate (MTX) - Tuesdays (unless she has spinal chemo)
Septra- Fri, Sat, Sun
Oral/Mouthcare- everyday (we have to get better about doing this!)
Dexamethasone- 5 days every 4 weeks

That is a lot of drugs. The steroids are difficult- no way around that. The only other drug that has caused any side effects is the methotrexate; it makes Mollie feel nauseated.

That's where the Zofran comes in to play. Mollie was upset this morning because she felt like throwing up, but she really was hungry and wanted to go to school. One Zofran and 20 minutes later, she was dressed and ready to go! We got to school a little late, but she jumped right in to the funky scarf-dancing session with her friends!

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