Not too bad

Surprisingly, this week on steroids has not been as bad as I thought. Since clinic on Tuesday, Mollie stayed home from school Wednesday, went to school Thursday, and stayed home Friday. I think she could (or maybe should?) have gone to school Weds and maybe yesterday. The effects of the steroids are cumulative, so today she was definitely feeling them more.

Weds morning, she woke up and wanted to go to school. So, I sent her up to her room to get dressed and when she finally came down she was teary and emotional. "I was just trying to be a big girl. I'm really sorry." Hmmm... turns out she tried to paint her own fingernails while she was up there (at 7:30 AM) and spilled some nail polish on the rug. It wasn't too bad, and I certainly wasn't angry, but she still didn't feel like going to school. Instead, we ran errands, went to lunch, and went Build-a-bear to make a special bear for my cousin Katie's baby-to-be. Mollie had a great time and then took a 4 hour nap when we got home.

Today we went to the library and then ate lunch. The cafe in the library, where we ate, is a family business. The owner put in a special gumball machine in honor of Mollie- most of the proceeds go to cancer research. Mollie and I were surprised and touched. Afterwards, we went to a children's resale shop to get small treats for Lucy and Mollie. We scored big! Some brand new bear slippers (Mollie's been wanting new, bigger slippers for a while) for $2.99, a Valentine's nightgown with hearts on it, a free Little Red Riding Hood storybook with a CD, and a toy purse (for Lucy).

Last night, both girls went to bed at 7:30. Today is Mollie's last day of steroids until next month. The dark circles under her eyes will go away and she'll have more energy. We are all looking forward to that!!


  1. hugs. and i will take a lesson from your not being mad about spilled nail polish.

  2. Build-a-Bear was founded by a psychotic bitch who illegally stole Tom's family business (idea, logisitics, etc) and drove them out of business. But they did at least get some kind of settlement from her which built the Bridgeport house. I forgive you for going there because there is no Teddy Bear Factory for you to go to now. Also, get your fill because when push comes to shove the business will never make enough to pay all the mall rents they've got and they only stay afloat now by opening new stores to fanfare and quietly closing old ones (this keeps the stock prices high...stock and life have so little in common).

    I hope this next week has more sparkly nails and less spilled polish.

  3. Cute, cute slippers! I teared up when I read about the gumball machine. How lovely.


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