Clinic Update

Mollie had to go to clinic today for chemo. All went smoothly (hurray!) and her ANC was a perfect 1400. During maintenance, they try to keep the ANC between 1000 and 1500; this assures that the chemo dose is high enough to cause bone marrow suppression, but not so high that it causes neutropenia (and greater infection risk).

Mollie also got a cardiac echo today, to check her heart function (remember, the doxorubicin can be damaging to the heart in some patients). Her SF was 35.3%- anything about 30% is normal, so she won't need another scan until next year.

We had to wait a long time for the chemo (vincristine), but it finally came and she got it through her port, no problem. Then it was off to have pizza will Courson and Zachary. Mollie had a great time at lunch, but she ate pasta since she doesn't like pizza She really enjoyed playing in the arcade and getting prizes with all her tickets. She said she had a lot of fun-- pretty impressive for a chemo/clinic day!

She is starting a 5-day steroid pulse so she will probably stay home from school some this week. Maybe we'll do Valentine crafts.

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  1. Glad to hear that Mollie had a great clinic visit and fun afterward. I emailed Mrs. Beth today and told her I thought that speeding up clinic visits especially for NPO kids would be a great idea and she told me the hold up was with the meds and they are trying to make some chances. She even said we would hopefully see them in the next couple of months.


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